Lux Executive Summit Americas

Lux Executive Summit 2017: April 4th - April 6th

Westin Copley Place Boston, MA, USA

Mastering the Trends that Drive Growth

Everyone can see that the world is changing, but executives struggle to find the right way for their organizations to respond. It’s easy to see in hindsight what has worked and what has failed, but it’s harder to predict which of the hyped trends of today are lasting and which are just hot air. And even when the trend is clear, finding the right strategy to capitalize is a challenge.  

The Lux Executive Summit is a top innovation forum for global executives, highlighting major trends that leaders need to master in business today, and cultivating the insights, networks, and tools they need to excel. Lux Research analysts, along with leaders from today’s top companies, will highlight the impact and opportunities driven by trends such as:

  • Digital transformation of industry. Advances in the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, sensors, big data, and more are fundamentally shifting the ground under companies in many industries. These technologies bring operational and product improvements but require building new capabilities, exploring new business models, and facing new competitive threats.
  • The rise of consumer health & wellness. Consumers have growing expectations for the health and wellness products they buy – from greater personalization to more “green” and “natural” ingredients, and from enhanced connected and social elements to better convenience. Leaders must innovate to keep on top of and meet the shifting, and sometimes conflicting, demands.
  • The great energy transition. Resource constraints, technological innovation, and growing pressure for action to combat climate change are all shifting value chains that bring energy to our transportation, homes, and industry.  Tipping points are approaching that bring new products, pathways, and strategies to the fore.
  • The materials-manufacturing nexus. Materials, design, and manufacturing advances like 3D printing are accelerating time to market for novel material technologies with higher performance and functionality, enabling downstream products to be both better and cheaper. Such innovations also drive new disruptive business models with strategic implications across industries.

The Lux Executive Summit provides an exceptional opportunity to network with the brightest minds in the world on how these trends will impact business and how companies should organize and act to respond.

This invitation-only event brings together executives responsible for innovation, new business development, and corporate strategy at leading multi-national corporations, along with selected leading entrepreneurs, policymakers, venture investors, and financiers. The 2017 Lux Executive Summit will take place in Boston, MA on April 4th - 6th.

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  • Connect with executives responsible for innovation and emerging technologies
  • Forge alliances with leading start-ups, labs, and multinationals
  • Discover ideas from other industries and geographies that you can apply to your organization
  • Meet peers to share best practices, generate new ways of thinking
  • Learn from the innovation strategies at the world’s leading companies
  • Hear the latest findings and big ideas from Lux Research’s world-renowned analyst team

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The Lux Executive Summit is hosted by Lux Research, an independent research and advisory firm, providing strategic advice and ongoing intelligence on emerging technologies.

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